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Key Investment Highlights


Opportunity to support the first Socially Responsible Investment vehicle focused on opportunities in Africa.

There is a global shift to develop green energy solutions to sustain the energy demand of the world to reduce greenhouse emissions and curb global warming. Invest Solar provides investors with an opportunity to include a socially responsible investment in their portfolio, targeting a geographic base that has largely been ignored by large renewable energy players across the world. The sizes of the target projects, (5MW-50MW) in particular, are a niche that global funders have often ignored, owing to a preference for larger scale projects.

Strong and sustainable investor return profile.

Invest Solar Africa is uniquely positioned to take advantage of significant opportunities that currently exist in Africa’s renewable energy sector. Opportunities are mainly stemming from the fact that African markets have begun to put in place renewable energy frameworks, and currently have favourable feed-in tariffs to promote investments in the sector, which tariffs can be locked into 20-30 year Power Purchase Agreements ('PPAs'). Returns are boosted by the fact that solar technology requires minimal capital expenditure post investment, and is on relatively low operational costs. This substantially boosts the cash generation ability of underlying projects, with EBITDA margins generally expected to be in excess of 80%, and profitability margins in excess of 30%. In the short run, this will result in significant capital appreciation for early investors, and in the medium term, the underlying investments will provide a source of stable income with low correlations to existing listed counters.

Opportunity to invest on the back of a strong team that boasts of a combination of strong technical capacity and substantial experience, supported by a global technical partner.

The founders have a significant track record and experience in investment banking and renewable energy, and are supported by a highly qualified operational team. The team members also have significant experience in Africa and have dealt with regulators and governments in the target markets. The combination of their experience, technical ability and networking make this team ideal to lead Invest Solar and generate substantial returns for all investors.

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